Creating Profitable Ecommerce Conversions


Creating a steady stream of income from your ecommerce site can be incredibly difficult sometimes, especially starting from scratch. You may find that people are visiting your store, looking at a few products, and then vanishing without a trace. I struggled with this exact thing for months until I found tools and tips that I want to share with you.

Sales Funnel. What is it?

Every successful business uses a basic version of a sales funnel. So, lets talk about what a sales funnel is, and how it can help you create those sales you a patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for.

A basic sales funnel looks something like this:

You have probably already generated a lot of awareness for your business through social media or google ads, but the rest of the funnel you are struggling on. Now the interest is still pretty easy to manage because you get the people to visit your site, but no one seems to be buying. This is where the decision and action comes in.


The customers are looking at your products, but just aren’t buying. Now what? I like to think about this part as the final push. The customers just needs that one last thing to make the decision. There is one thing that I found customers always look for when making that decision, and I think we all look for this as well when shopping. We want to trust the product or place we are buying from. If you can create that trust with customers then you have the sale.

Trust can come in a variety of things, such as, being reachable when concerns or questions arise, show testimonials, and above all else be transparent. Our customers do not want to have to go through seven different pages to find how to return items.


When a customer makes that action to buy the products on your website it can create a whole new stream of customer potential. I have always found that if you ask for an email from a customer when they buy, and have an automatic email sent to them a few days after they buy and received the product asking for a review. This help create that trust you want to build, and if the current customers sees this it could help you build loyalty through just one customer.

What happens if they don’t buy?

Well if they don’t buy I have the perfect tool for you that I found, and have been keeping to myself, but I want to share it all with you now. Oribi. Oribi has proven itself more times than I can count. You can get actionable insights to drive your results to the moon. It also helps you understand trends, so you can be ahead of any change. The best part that I use is they help uncover where you lose prospects, and reveal which events are driving conversions so you can get on board too.

Identify those conversion loses!

You may ask yourself why not just use Google Analytics since it’s free? Well just take a look at this compare and contrast to see for yourself why I like Oribi so much more.

Oribi vs Google Analytics


Getting that pretty penny, and building a loyal customer base that helps generate leads doesn’t need to be so hard when you follow these tips and tricks. And don’t be afraid to try out Oribi.

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