Ubisoft+ Joining Xbox Game Pass?

Before the launch of the Xbox Series X/S this year, Xbox Game Pass has probably been one of the best subscription services for any gamer. As the 2020 went on we saw title such as Red Dead Redemption 2. With the recent launch of the Xbox Series X/S EA partnered up with Xbox to include EA Play into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Now it’s been rumored that Ubisoft might be doing the same thing next year.


EA Play is it’s own subscription service that allows gamers to pay a monthly fee to access a wealth of EA titles. Now that it’s joined Xbox Game Pass, these players only have to pay the monthly fee to Xbox to get this exclusive access. Ubisoft also has a similar subscription service that was originally known as Uplay+ before being rebranded to Ubisoft+ earlier in the year.

According to Idle Sloth on Twitter, those on Xbox Game Pass could be getting access to Ubisoft+ at some point in the holiday season in 2021

The article mentioned in the tweet talks about the top 10 rumors for Xbox. Some of which talk about Xbox acquiring SEGA, Forza Horizon 5, Starfield, and Wolfenstein 3 are rumored to be launched next year on the Xbox consoles. Although, right now there doesn’t seem to be much weight to these claims as of yet.


But, the Ubisoft+ rumor would be a rather smart move for Ubisoft and Xbox, given the fact that Xbox Game Pass had over 15 million users in September 2020. Of course though rumors are just that, rumors. So, don’t be taking my word for it as it might never happen at all.

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