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Technology Report Simple

Here at My Hyper Technology we try to help everyday people find not so everyday solutions to their technical problems. We look for the best deals that we can share with our readers, and help them find the best products for whatever the need.

Key Features

  • Creating compare and contrast lists for our readers to help them learn the difference between two or more products
  • Advertise software and products to our readers that we think they may enjoy/need
  • We are a small blogging site, so we reach out to the customers who don’t go to the big guys


We started our blog because when researching about tech problems we could never find the a straight answer from any other blog. We had to search hundreds of sights at a time to just compare two things. Our goal is to help our readers find what they are looking for in one central location.

Our Audience

We receive at least 400+ readers each week. We post on at least a weekly basis our new findings for our readers. We primarily reach readers in the United States, India, and China.

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