Best of Amazon Deals

The best deals on Amazon that you may not be aware of

As we all know, at the end of the holiday season comes all sorts of deals and discounts. Let’s look at some of these discounts that Amazon has that you may not be aware of.


All New Echo (4th Gen)

$99.99 $69.99 (30% off)

The all new Amazon Echo is out now and this deal of 30% off why not go for it. With a new look and new sound you can enjoy clear highs, dynamic mids, and deep bass for rich, detailed sound that automatically adapts to any room. Add 2 additional Echo Dots for $129.97 which is 35% off the original price.

JBL Boombox- Waterproof

Made to be the most powerful, portable Bluetooth speaker, JBL boom box delivers monstrous sound along with the hardest hitting bass .Enjoy music for 24 hours without missing a beat. Battery charging time (hours) – 6.5

399.95 299.95 (25% off)

iRobot Roomba i6+

The i6+ introduces an exclusive upgrade to Imprint Smart Mapping, giving you the same capabilities & experiences as the Roomba i7+. Roomba i6+ learns your home to clean & schedule by room, unleashing powerful cleaning when, where, and how you want to attack messes in the moment. Forget about vacuuming for months at a time with the clean base Automatic Dirt Disposal that allows the i6+ to empty itself for up to 60 days. AllergenLock Bags capture and trap 99% of pollen and mold.

$799.99 $549.99  (31% off)

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

$63.99 $56.99 (11% off)

JD Power Award —Highest in customer satisfaction for wireless routers 2017 and 2019 Router for wireless internet, works with Alexa, compatible with all Wi-Fi devices, 802.11ac and older. Dual band router upgrades to 1750 Mbps high speed internet(450mbps for 2.4GHz, 1300Mbps for 5GHz), reducing buffering and ideal for 4K streaming. 3 external antennas for long range Wi-Fi


These are some of the best deals to that you can find on Amazon at the moment. Don’t forget to check back weekly to see what new deals we can find for you!


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Ubisoft+ Joining Xbox Game Pass?


Before the launch of the Xbox Series X/S this year, Xbox Game Pass has probably been one of the best subscription services for any gamer. As the 2020 went on we saw title such as Red Dead Redemption 2. With the recent launch of the Xbox Series X/S EA partnered up with Xbox to include EA Play into the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Now it’s been rumored that Ubisoft might be doing the same thing next year.


EA Play is it’s own subscription service that allows gamers to pay a monthly fee to access a wealth of EA titles. Now that it’s joined Xbox Game Pass, these players only have to pay the monthly fee to Xbox to get this exclusive access. Ubisoft also has a similar subscription service that was originally known as Uplay+ before being rebranded to Ubisoft+ earlier in the year.

According to Idle Sloth on Twitter, those on Xbox Game Pass could be getting access to Ubisoft+ at some point in the holiday season in 2021

The article mentioned in the tweet talks about the top 10 rumors for Xbox. Some of which talk about Xbox acquiring SEGA, Forza Horizon 5, Starfield, and Wolfenstein 3 are rumored to be launched next year on the Xbox consoles. Although, right now there doesn’t seem to be much weight to these claims as of yet.


But, the Ubisoft+ rumor would be a rather smart move for Ubisoft and Xbox, given the fact that Xbox Game Pass had over 15 million users in September 2020. Of course though rumors are just that, rumors. So, don’t be taking my word for it as it might never happen at all.

Why Choose Spocket?


When starting off your drop shipping empire the biggest struggle that I find is making sure that you have the right supplier. Well do I have amazing news for you! Drop shipping just got a whole lot easier with Spocket! They are one of the best and easiest to use drop shipping suppliers for the USA and EU. Let’s review what drop shipping is, and the benefits of using Spoket, so that you can really see the true beauty of drop shipping with Spocket.


What is Drop Shipping?

I’m glad you asked! Dropshipping is the solution a budding entrepreneur like yourself might be looking for. 

Let’s say you’ve managed to create a catchy website with a beautiful aesthetic. You’ve got your niche down, and you’re ready to start making some money. The only problem is, where are you going to find these products, and how are you supposed to manage inventory and shipping, along with screening dropshipping suppliers and products for quality? 

The best way to answer that question is, you don’t have to!

Spocket has bridged the gap from you to the supplier. You can pick and push an array of the best dropshipping products for your niche market, and from the first order to 1000’s of orders daily, Spocket will control the quality and ensure timely shipping to your customers. All without you having to deal with any of the inventory, upfront costs, supplier relationships, and headache.

To make things short and sweet:

  • You never have to handle inventory or deal with upfront costs
  • The world is your oyster! – Everyone can be your customer
  • Access to handpicked high-quality dropshipping suppliers with products from the USA and Europe 
  • You have the flexibility of a remote job from home
  • You save time and effort so that you can focus on your eCommerce and marketing

With Spocket, your only concern now lies in taking the leap and starting your eCommerce business.


Benefits of Spocket

Here are some of the benefits of Spocket:

  • High-quality products: A complete dropshipping marketplace that gives merchants access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality, fast shipping, deeply discounted products sourced from the US and EU
  • Easy to use: A simplified interface that enables entrepreneurs to start their own online business in 30 minutes or less
  • Curated collections: Rotating collections of curated products with studio-quality images and product descriptions written in-house so that adding products to a store can be done in 1-click
  • 24/7 support: We offer 24/7 world-class support so merchants can focus on growing your business
  • Enhanced features: We are always rolling out new features, including branded invoicing, favoring products by saving them to your Import List, compare at pricing, bulk order processing, global pricing rules, sample orders, and more


If you don’t believe me yet about Spocket then why don’t you check out this case study about Marc who made $178,492 in three months by dropshipping US and European products. Give Spocket a try for 14 days free today!

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Computer Comparison


With almost everything now-a-days being digital you really can’t go anywhere without your phone or a computer. With this global pandemic affecting our everyday lives, and everything being moved to online you have to have something. Whether it’s for work, school, or gaming you have to have the right computer. I have compiled a list of laptops and computers to compare so you can find the right one for you.


What is Right for You?

When looking at these laptops I will discuss each of these categories in hopes that what you read will help you find the right computer or laptop for you.

  • Price– The hardest part when I was looking for a laptop was trying to find something in my budget. Buying a new laptop/computer is quite the investment no matter what it’s for. So I will discuss items that will be the best bang for your buck, and top of the line.
  • RAM– Also known as Random Access Memory, RAM is useful if you are looking to run multiple apps or web browser tabs at once. Often people confuse RAM with storage because of the word memory, but if you think about RAM as scratch paper or a notepad, then you can think about it as the more RAM you have the more you can run on your computer at the same time.
  • Storage– This area is most commonly looked at when people are looking for a new computer or laptop. If you are someone who needs a lot of storage because of documents you need saved or your games are large then this is a place you need to look at.
  • Processors– Processing speed is key if you have a busy life or you are trying to play the latest games with little to no loading speed and rendering. The most common processors are from Intel, and those include the Intel Core i3, i5, i7, and i9 chips. These chips range from the lower end starting at the i3, and ending at the high end with the i9.
  • Screen size and resolution– Screen size is something you will look at more if you are looking for a laptop. Things to keep in mind are that if you plan to have more windows open then the extra screen space is nice, but the larger the screen the less battery life it has. Resolution determines how sharp your screen looks when using it.

Now with these categories labeled out lets start looking at those computers and laptops.


Best PC for 2021

General Use
Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92

The Acer Aspire TC-885-UA92 is the best general use computer on the market right now. It’s the perfect PC to tackle any task. From basic computing to multimedia entertainment, it’s a robust hub for your every computing need. Driven by 9th Gen Intel Core processing, this sophisticated black chassis design delivers plenty of speed, power and storage so you can play, create, do and enjoy more—all day, every day! The specific starts at $589.99 on Amazon, but of course you can upgrade or down grade to affect the price. This model is advertises the use of the 9th gen i5 Intel core with 12 gb of storage and 12 gb of RAM. It’s the perfect computer for any type of use at home. It support Window 10 operating system.

Dell XPS 8930 Tower

The Dell XPS Tower gets our vote for the best of the best computers 2020 has to offer for one simple fact. It boasts enough power and features without costing you a lot. This PC is highly configurable, and affordable. The only downside is the higher end configurations the more you are going to spend. With the price on Amazon at $1,348.90 you really can’t beat it for what it can do for you. With it running a Intel i7 core and 16 gb of storage you can really do anything.

Best for gamers
Lenovo Legion Tower 5i

The Lenovo Legion Tower 5i computer is probably one of the best priced ones on the market for all you hard core pc gamers. This model is selling on Amazon for $979.00. It supports the 9th gen Intel i5 core with 16 gb of storage and 16 gb of RAM. With it using the NVIDIA GTX 1660 SUPER 6GB GDDR6 Dedicated Graphics card you can’t go wrong. This graphics card is one of the most affordable high tech graphics cards on the market, so if you aren’t looking to build your own computer then this is the one for you.

New Alienware Aurora R10

With AMD’s solid campaign to win the CPU and GPU markets, it’s no surprise that many of the best PCs are switching over Team Red’s cause. Alienware Aurora gaming desktop PC line is among them, fitting its R10 models with AMD’s powerful yet affordable Ryzen CPUs. These deliver brute strength when it comes to gaming, and they also tout affordability, giving budget gamers to partake in what those with souped up rigs experience everyday without burning a hole in their pockets. With Amazon advertising this PC at $1,899.00 you can start high and build even higher with this ready to customize PC.

Best for at Home Office
2020 Premium HP 24 All-in-One Desktop

The Premium HP 24 All-in-One Desktop computer is the one of the best home office computers. With an AMD processor, seamlessly go from sending work emails, uploading vacation photos, to having the kids do their schoolwork. This All-in-One PC displays more with a three-sided micro-edge display and has an adjustable tilt stand, allowing you to work from multiple perspectives. This PC includes an HD camera with a slide switch for privacy, plus built-in speakers and easy Wi-Fi connectivity. This pc supports the AMD A Series core, which compared to the Intel i5 core has better performance when it comes to productivity and efficiency. With Amazon starting the price off at $899.00 it’s a hard to come by steal.

Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro

Dell is a well-known and well respected name when it comes to business computers, so you can be sure when you buy a machine from Dell that it is a well-built and well-supported device. The Dell OptiPlex 3050 Micro offers very good base specs that can be customized to your needs, for a very compelling price. The slim line case also keeps your desk or office from feeling cluttered. Amazon is offering this item starting at $329.99.

Acer Aspire 5

The Acer Aspire 5 is the best no-fuss laptop empower your workflow and finish projects quickly with the latest AMD Ryzen 4000 Series Mobile Processor, AMD Radeon Graphics and plenty of high-speed storage & memory. With advanced capabilities and a finely tuned design, the Aspire 5 supports a media-heavy lifestyle, making it ideal for anyone creating and sharing on the move. The narrow-bezel 15.6″ Full HD IPS display provides plenty of screen so you can focus on what’s in front of you. It’s the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle! The Acer Aspire had 8 gb of computer storage, the perfect middle ground for any new laptop user. Getting this laptop new you’ll be looking to spend $1,387.99 on Amazon.

Dell XPS 15

The Dell XPS 15 ticks pretty much every box when it comes to what we want from a laptop. The end result is that the Dell XPS 15 (2020) is about as close to perfect as a laptop can get and one of the best Dell laptops to date; there’s really not a lot we can fault it for. It’s got some of the latest, and best, mobile tech from Intel, and can even be configured with a discrete GPU, making it adept at images and as for video editing software, and even a spot of light gaming. It also features one of the finest designs seen in a laptop, and is arguably the most stylish Windows 10 laptop on the market right now. Battery life is also phenomenal, and the price, while high starting at $1679.99 on Amazon, isn’t that bad considering what you get. If the 15-inch screen is a little too big, then the Dell XPS 13 is worth considering.


Looking at all the computers can be confusing on your own, but I hope creating this list can help you find the right computer for any and all your needs. Let me know if I missed any PCs or laptops on this list.

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Check out some of these laptops that could be perfect the perfect end to your 2020 and the best start to 2021


A new sales tool you’ve probably never heard of

Here’s how I found out about it. Read in browser.

Recently, I discovered a unique service and couldn’t wait to tell you about it. It’s a new twist on techniques used by top Internet marketers — one that involves videoconferencing. Here’s how I’ve seen it used in the past.

Some marketers keep it simple. They invite their email subscribers to sign up for a free online event, such as a webinar, training session, or product demo.

Other marketers make it more interesting. They design a “sideways sales letter” — a drip campaign delivering fresh content every few days. One message is text. Another might be video. Another links to a landing page. The eventual CTA is the same — sign-up for their free webinar.

What’s their goal? Getting face-to-face with prospects.

Now, I like to find out what’s new, so I enjoy receiving this type of campaign. And if the drip content is interesting, I sign up for the webinar.

We all know the webinar will end with a sales offer. And I admit — sometimes I buy. No, not every time. But the format gives me all the information I need. Then I can make a decision that’s right for me.

I’ve always wanted to try this approach — but it sounds complicated, right? I’d have to manage my contacts in multiple systems.

And then there’s the expense. When you combine landing pages, email marketing, video conferencing and external tools from various providers, it can cost upwards of $250 a month.

Then I discovered an innovative approach. GetResponse introduced a Pro package for do-it-yourselfers with no programming skills (like me), with all of those systems integrated into one account. And since they designed it for growing small businesses, it’s priced at only $49 per month.

If you’ve ever wanted to combine email, webinars, video email and landing pages to juice-up the flow of your sales funnel, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Here’s a link to the details — no opt-in required.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

How I discovered a great lead-generation tool


The technology just keeps getting better. Read in browser

Hi my friends,

When I started my career in online marketing, I wanted to use the best lead-generation technology available. So I diligently combed the market for innovations.

But even after choosing technology, I spent a lot of time reviewing the latest tech news to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

It burned up a lot of hours — time I could have spent on my core business. And it required a lot of mental bandwidth. (There are only so many things you can focus on in a day.)

A friend noticed my dilemma and pointed me to GetResponse. She told me they had some new tools that would interest me.

She suggested that instead of constantly searching for innovations, I should choose an innovative company and let them do the searching for me.

Believe me, I liked the sound of that. So I checked it out. She was right!

In recent years, GetResponse has come up groundbreaking innovations:

Responsive Email Design – They were first in the industry to introduce a design interface that automatically formats every message to fit the screens of any mobile or desktop device and any operating system.

Landing Pages – And they added a slick, new design interface to their platform that turns out high-converting landing pages in minutes.

Forms – They also integrated forms with landing pages to funnel sign-ups into email campaigns automatically.

Webinars – Their latest innovation is a webinar platform, now an integrated component of their PRO service option — great for demos.

And more – They’ve produced innovations in video email marketing, smartphone apps, QR code’s, A/B testing, inbox preview, email timing, global view, perfect timing, and custom fields.

Just as important, they constantly update the long-time favorites:

Autoresponders – GetResponse added sophisticated timing controls and action-triggered emails and then combined it with advanced segmentation for targeted campaigns with the look and feel of one-to-one communication.

Email Creator – Likewise, they reinvented the email design interface, giving users access to hundreds of professionally designed templates, a drag-and-drop editing interface, and point-and-click tools for campaign development.

Email Analytics – And they expanded email analytics to report autoresponder performance and social media sharing. They even dovetailed it with segmentation, so users can click to create segments for finer targeting.

Can you see that I’m a big fan of GetResponse? Check it out, and you’ll discover it’s an all-inclusive platform — the only online lead-generation tool you’ll ever need.

And let me know what you think.

Reasons to Switch to Managed WordPress Hosting


With WP Engine and StudioPress, you can build remarkable website experiences with the agility, performance, and intelligence that the market demands so you can drive your business forward, faster. WP Engine serves 90K customers in over 140+ countries with a support team of over 200. They have won multiple Stevie Awards with an NPS of 86!

The WP Engine Difference

WordPress is a great CMS that makes it easy to get started and run a content-driven business. However, managing the infrastructure to support WordPress requires a level of expertise not often found in house. That’s where WP Engine comes in. WP Engine offers a fully managed service that is geared towards WordPress sites, meaning you can focus on running your business, not being a server admin. Gain the peace of mind that comes with a site that’s up and running smoothly, securely, and lightning fast as traffic volumes fluctuate.

Every plan comes with free SSL, CDN, and daily automatic backups. WP Engine locks down your site with managed WordPress updates, vulnerability scanning, 2FA, DDoS mitigation, automatic threat detection and blocking.

Their 60-day money-back guarantee gives you plenty of time to sample its features for yourself. They offer a predictable bill, and your introductory rate is what you pay as long as you are a customer.

Build Faster

You can dramatically improve your time to market and cost of ownership leveraging both WordPress and WP Engine’s one-click dev tools and flexible workflows. Did you know? Get access to the Genesis Framework and 35+ premium StudioPress themes that will ensure a secure and search-engine-optimized foundation for WordPress experiences that drive business results.

Manage Easier

You’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with a site that’s up and running smoothly, securely, and lighting fast as traffic volumes fluctuate. Did you know? When it comes to WordPress core updates, they automatically manage updates to ensure sites stay secure and up to date.

Personalized Experiences

You and your developers can gain analytics to pinpoint how to increase front-end page performance; and you and your marketers or content publishers can gain insights on top performing content and authors. Did you know? Power a wide variety of personalized experiences through custom functionality with access to over 50,000 plugins and a curated list of recommended plugins in the Solution Center.

WordPress Expertise

From onboarding to learning their new features to troubleshooting and everything in between, they are with you every step of the way with award-winning service and support 24/7. With WP Engine, you can focus on innovation – not site administration.


Creating Profitable Ecommerce Conversions


Creating a steady stream of income from your ecommerce site can be incredibly difficult sometimes, especially starting from scratch. You may find that people are visiting your store, looking at a few products, and then vanishing without a trace. I struggled with this exact thing for months until I found tools and tips that I want to share with you.

Sales Funnel. What is it?

Every successful business uses a basic version of a sales funnel. So, lets talk about what a sales funnel is, and how it can help you create those sales you a patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for.

A basic sales funnel looks something like this:

You have probably already generated a lot of awareness for your business through social media or google ads, but the rest of the funnel you are struggling on. Now the interest is still pretty easy to manage because you get the people to visit your site, but no one seems to be buying. This is where the decision and action comes in.


The customers are looking at your products, but just aren’t buying. Now what? I like to think about this part as the final push. The customers just needs that one last thing to make the decision. There is one thing that I found customers always look for when making that decision, and I think we all look for this as well when shopping. We want to trust the product or place we are buying from. If you can create that trust with customers then you have the sale.

Trust can come in a variety of things, such as, being reachable when concerns or questions arise, show testimonials, and above all else be transparent. Our customers do not want to have to go through seven different pages to find how to return items.


When a customer makes that action to buy the products on your website it can create a whole new stream of customer potential. I have always found that if you ask for an email from a customer when they buy, and have an automatic email sent to them a few days after they buy and received the product asking for a review. This help create that trust you want to build, and if the current customers sees this it could help you build loyalty through just one customer.

What happens if they don’t buy?

Well if they don’t buy I have the perfect tool for you that I found, and have been keeping to myself, but I want to share it all with you now. Oribi. Oribi has proven itself more times than I can count. You can get actionable insights to drive your results to the moon. It also helps you understand trends, so you can be ahead of any change. The best part that I use is they help uncover where you lose prospects, and reveal which events are driving conversions so you can get on board too.

Identify those conversion loses!

You may ask yourself why not just use Google Analytics since it’s free? Well just take a look at this compare and contrast to see for yourself why I like Oribi so much more.

Oribi vs Google Analytics


Getting that pretty penny, and building a loyal customer base that helps generate leads doesn’t need to be so hard when you follow these tips and tricks. And don’t be afraid to try out Oribi.

Struggling to Grow your Business?


When I started out trying to grow my E-Commerce business I tried everything: Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Etc. I was getting the clicks, but I wasn’t getting the conversions. I was trying everything and researching everything I could to make the money back that I had spent on just building my E-Commerce site. Today I will tell you my little secret that I didn’t find anywhere else to growing my E-Commerce site, and bring in those conversions you are looking for.

<a rel="noreferrer noopener" href="http://ShareASale

ShareASale helps your business grow by creating affiliate marketing programs that are easy to use, and have been proven time and time again to work. Get your affiliate marketing program off the ground – today – with ShareASale. Their solution provides a low barrier to entry for start ups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses to launch an affiliate program of your own.

You may be worried about what commission would be to pay the people who are promoting your products, but it’s super nice because your can use their commission flexibility to create a truly customized affiliate program. A huge plus is that they already have 210,000+ active affiliates who are ready to help your business grow. ShareASale is also bragging about how they helped bring in $12.4 Billion in revenue for their clients in 2019.


Along with how proven their site works it also has amazing user-friendly and intuitive interface. With their dynamic dashboard you can get real-time notifications and program insights that will help you optimize your affiliate partnerships. Some tools include automated marketing emails and application rules that are designed to save you time all while facilitating better communication with your affiliates.

Another nice thing about SharASale is how easy it is to set up. It’s pretty much just three steps: set up tracking, build the program, and start generating sales! Drive more traffic to your online store using performance based marketing today.


What Web Hosting is Best for You?



If you are looking to create your own website it can be super hard to find the right website to help even getting started. Trust me, I went through plenty of web hosting site that truly works for me. I will be going through a few sites that I have tried that are perfect for everyone whether you are just starting out, like I was, or creating more sites for yourself, your business, or someone else.


Cloudways is hosting site that helps making a website simple, fast, and convenient. They simplify the experience, so that you can stay focused on growing your business. Cloudways biggest focus is customer support. They have 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year live chat always available. They also stress high priority when it comes to the customers safety, advertising dedicated firewalls, two-factor authentication, and bot protection so you never have to feel that your business is at risk. Cloudways also has no long-term contracts! Perfect for those who are just starting out who are needing to figure out how to build a website. The most important part is who really has control of the website. Cloudways allows you to use UI that enables you to control your applications and servers like a pro.

So Cloudways would be perfect for the starters or the pros! No contracts, easy to use UI and add-ons, and anytime live chats to help you on the way.

Green Geeks

Green Geeks is excellent for those who are eco-conscious! They are one of the industry’s leading eco-friendly green web hosting providers out there. They put back 3 times the power they consume into the grid in the forms of renewable energy. With a range of plans you can host your own website or create your own online store for an extremely affordable price. They also offer anytime customer service by chat, ticket, or phone! Security is also a priority for these folks! They keep your website secure with custom security rules and zero-day vulnerability fixes at the ready.

Green Geeks is a go to if you are looking to put your money into an eco-friendly company that will help you make that money right back.


Bluehost is one of the most popular web hosting platforms out there. They also have one of the easiest to use tools to help you get started on any project you may be doing! You get started fast by naming your website, selecting your design template, and start building your site with the right plan. Bluehost is also built for you to succeed with design freedom, marketing tools, and insightful analytics and scalable growth. The best part is that they offer you peace of mind with guaranteed reliability, automated security updates, backup data protection, and 24/7 support. With low pricing plans, and easy to use tools Bluehost is one of the top notch web hosting sites to use.

With Blue host offering so much for so little you can really start building with ease.


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